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Autumn Senses



Of all the seasons nature brings,

my soul is drawn to one.

I feel my senses spring to life

as Summer comes undone.



My eyes behold a palette bold

of trees in gold and red

that burst with joy for one last song

on leaves as yet unshed.


Color is Fall’s lifeblood

bringing wonder to the eye

from sunsets grand to fields aglow

where sun-ripe pumpkins lie.



Autumn sounds are in my ears.

They bid me pause and listen

to sea swept notes from fields of wheat

and rustling quaking aspen.


Acorns crunch beneath my feet.

Squirrels scold their displeasure.

Wild geese sing their evening songs –

a sound I truly treasure.



I love the smells of Autumn most.

I find them ancient, grounding.

They’re deep and rich and earthy wild

and wrap themselves around me.


Wood smoke hangs upon the air –

A hearthside bidding scent.

And vines of purple fox grapes

mark the smell of harvest blessed.



What of Autumn’s flavors —

the taste of summer’s yield?

Cider sweet and pumpkin pies

and buckwheat from the field.


Apples ripe in painted hues

on orchard trees adorn.

And only Autumn gives the gift

of roasted chestnuts warm.



Neglected not is Autumn’s touch.

Though soft, it speaks of change

and sends its whispered message

on the breeze to kiss my face.


Woolen wraps from long-shorn sheep.

Chilly, frost-touched dawns.

Brilliant sunshine in my eyes.

Summer’s presence gone.



This season brings me solace

And I long for it each year.

It clears my head and calms my heart

with thoughts of things held dear.


Each season brings the chance to change –

to step outside life’s storms.

And so there’s hope because I know

in Autumn I’m reborn.



Julianna, October 2018



Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined — Psalms 50:2

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