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In our busy, hectic lives, we are often caught up in taking care of everybody and everything else and tend to forget just how important WE are in the whole equation — how our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs need to be met in order to be the best that we can be.  And, let’s face it, if we don’t feel good about ourselves — our health — our appearance — our focus — it’s difficult to feel productive and whole.

Meeting our own needs is just as important as those of our family and professional responsibilities and is easily neglected as we juggle all that life throws at us day in and day out!

Enter AVON…

I became interested in the AVON story several years ago through a friendly contact and my own research and was intrigued by the diverse product line, professional opportunity, dedication to outreach causes, and commitment to helping women (and a few good men) build businesses that were a reflection of themselves and their dreams.

It was a decision I have not regretted.

AVON is a company that has offered quality and service for well over ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR YEARS and continues to reach into the future, in part, because of its listening ear, but also because of its genuine commitment to women — their needs, their health, their aspirations, their sense of self.


But, AVON is just makeup, right?


This is NOT your Mama’s AVON!


So, what is special about AVON now?  Let’s start with skin care.

AVON has a skin care line that is designed to meet the needs of every skin type.  Looking for a personalized and effective regimen for your healthy skin?  Look no further than AVON ANEW!  The basic ANEW line includes day and night creams, eye treatments, and cleansers — all developed specifically for individual needs and times of our lives.

ANEW also offers a full line of CLINICAL products — serums, line erasers, peels, lifting products, eye systems, even tone and under-eye circle correctors, masks and more.  And, don’t forget ANEW Hydra Fusion — unisex skin care that hydrates and defends!


AVON X The Face Shop

Top Trends in Curated Korean Beauty Products

Discover some of our newest collaborations bringing exceptional, high-end cosmetics right to your door — makeup, skin care, Dr. Belmeur/Cica, The Therapy, belif the true cream, Green Goddess/CBD, our CHI hair care salon and more.


Not sure where to start?  Take advantage of AVON’s  Skin Care Advisor Quiz right here! (coming back soon)


Want to make maintaining your healthy skin care regimen easier to manage?  AVON offers a fabulous auto refill program that allows for YOU to choose when you need refills and automatically ships right to your door!  Learn more here.

AVON is, of course, so much more!

In addition to its outstanding skin care line, there is a fabulous family of fragrances ranging from rich and romantic to feisty and fresh.  Many of the classics still exist along with the new.

Bath & Body is a standout for AVON with products for every member of the family — shower gels and body washes, oils, scrubs, body lotions and several formulas of the Moisture Therapy line.  There is also a clinical line of body products called DermaSENSES is a popular collection offering wonderful scents in body lotions and sprays, shower gels, bubble baths, hand soaps and hand gels.  There is still more!  FootWorks, AVON’s hair care line called Advance Techniques, deodorants and the list goes on…

AND, the Bath & Body line wouldn’t be complete without including AVON’s signature Skin so Soft collection!

Makeup!  Makeup!  Makeup!

AVON’s makeup line is far too extensive and diverse to list everything.  Suffice it to say that it offers some of the best of the best with many products earning the “Best of Beauty” award and repeated recognition in the world of cosmetics time and again.  Its signature TRUE COLOR formula ensures that what you see in the container is just how it will appear on your face, your eyes, lips, and even your nails.

No more guessing games when it comes to color!

Jewelry has long been a part of the AVON story.  Look for everything from the elegant and classic to bold and graphic to sweet and refined.  The .925 Sterling Silver pieces are both unique and timeless and the seasonal collections are carefully designed for every style and occasion.

Fashion has become a big part of AVON’s presence, offering styles for every taste.  The Signature Collections are beautifully coordinated for extending the wardrobe by mixing and matching just a few pieces.  Add to that the matching footwear, accessories, handbags, and jewelry and you have a complete ensemble with one stop shopping!  Click here to view the latest seasonal collection already put together for your convenience!

Worried about finding your size?

AVON fashions are available in sizes ranging from four to twenty-four — S to 3X!

Still going…

Do you STILL think that AVON only sells makeup?

There is a whole department labeled HOME that is chock full of fabulous items for Dining and Entertaining, In the Kitchen, Outdoors and Gardening, Organization, and beautiful Home Decor.  Seasonal and holiday offerings make shopping for all those on your gift-giving list a breeze!

The HOME department is fluid, allowing for new and exciting additions to the line regularly.  Most all of the items are designed to compliment and coordinate making decorating simple and affordable.


AVON has a line of 3-wick candles in earthy and inspiring scents!  Every change of season brings a new collection, each as fragrant and fabulous as the last.

I think it’s plain to see that AVON is a far cry from simply a company that sells makeup.  And, there’s much more than just what I’ve shared here.  There is a men’s line of products, a health & wellness line called ESPIRA, an extensive collection of foundation wear, America’s #1 best DEET FREE insect repellent called Bug Guard Plus, beauty tools and brushes, and tons of stuff for the kids!


All that in one little brochure

AVON Bug Guard Plus was developed when it was discovered some years ago that the Original Skin-so-Soft oil was reported to repel mosquitoes.  After extensive research, the Bug Guard family of insect repellents was introduced and it very quickly became one of the top-selling repellents nationwide.  Bug Guard Plus is deet free and available in two formulas — Bug Guard Plus Picaridin and Bug Guard Plus Expedition.  Each offers extensive protection with minor differences between the two.  Both are available in aerosol, two sizes of pump, and the Picaridin is also available in towelettes.

In addition, Bug Guard Plus can be purchased in two lotion formulasCool ‘n Fabulous and Gentle Breeze.  Both are water resistant and have an SPF of 30, while the Cool ‘n Fabulous is pediatrician tested and contains a blue color that disappears following application to ensure little shoulders and noses are adequately covered.

How do I know that Bug Guard works?

I quite literally and figuratively live IN a wetland!  My backyard is less than twenty steps from several acres of protected marshland that is a standing body of water all year long.  While beautiful, it goes without saying that during warm weather months, mosquitoes and ticks are a HUGE issue — as in, it is impossible to be out any time between dusk and dawn without being eaten alive and often in between kind of issue — as in not being able to sit on one’s own porch and enjoy a summer evening (or day) kind of issue — as in worrying each and every day about mosquito and tick-borne diseases.  It is THAT BAD!

NOTHING worked — NOTHING — until I discovered Bug Guard Plus!

Suffice it to say that we are no longer held hostage by the insect population and can enjoy the outdoors, our gardens, and the season.

Haven’t seen an AVON BROCHURE recently?

There are twenty six brand new brochures published every year — a new Campaign bi-weekly.

You don’t need an AVON Rep to drop by your home as in the past!  You can shop 24/7 at your favorite AVON STORE on your time and at your convenience and have it delivered directly to your door.

Click HERE to view the most recent brochure and all sales flyers!

An exciting feature of the AVON STORE is the showcased area of what is NEW & NOW.  This section of the store highlights everything that is brand new in all departments — sometimes even before the product line launches in the brochures themselves and sometimes as a preview of what’s to come.

There is always a sale — ALWAYS!

Click HERE to see what’s NEW & NOW and special SALE products and bundled offers!

 AVON also has an OUTLET!

The OUTLET contains products that are seasonal, discontinued, or limited quantities.  Everything is WHILE SUPPLIES LAST / FINAL SALE, but the bargains are great!

Click HERE to visit the OUTLET.

Who doesn’t like to learn more when it comes to makeup application, skin care use, fashion, and beauty tips?  Click HERE for access to some wonderful tutorials and how-to videos designed to inform and assist and choose HOW-TO from the main menu.


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AVON Espira

Because AVON doesn’t just focus on how you look/feel on the outside, it is both pleased and honored to offer a brand new line of Health & Wellness products.

ESPIRA is a customized health and wellness line formulated with ingredients to boost and sustain your natural energy, restore your radiance, and support your overall health.

Experience results you can see AND feel.

What makes ESPIRA stand out?

ESPIRA is divided into three Wellness subfamilies:

“Discover your natural radiance from within.  Rejuvenation for hair, skin and nails starts here with our dual-action system, helping you look better than ever.  Helps protect and rebuild in the morning, then helps restore and repair on a cellular level while you sleep.*”

The GLOW family includes an AM Protect and a PM Restore.

“Optimize your overall health and well-being.  When the days get really hectic and your plate is full, you may feel a little off-balance.  RESTORE will help you relax both your body and mind to bring back your focus and give you the stamina to feel great and keep moving forward.”

The RESTORE family is currently comprised of  RESTFUL SLEEP, a natural, plant-based supplement that supports a good night’s rest.

“All the energy you need to kick-start a better you.  When you have natural energy, you thrive.  Not from a cup of coffee or a sugar rush, this is vitality that comes from within.  Experience a different kind of energy that will fuel you through the day without letting you down.”

The BOOST family offers a METABOLISM BOOST, HUNGER BLOCK, NATURAL ENERGY, IDEAL CLEANSE, and a fabulous PLANT POWER PROTEIN in creamy vanilla and rich chocolate.

The espira Plant Power Protein is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, contains no peanuts or tree nuts, and is vegan!

Want to learn more about espira?  Click here to link to more information about this product line that is garnering some amazing reviews in a very short time!

Because AVON’s very mission statement defines it’s commitment to women, it goes without saying that the company takes women’s issues very seriously.

Breast Cancer research and causes that promote awareness are the heart of AVON’s outreach

Did you know that AVON is one of the LARGEST CORPORATE SUPPORTERS of BC research and awareness programs in the world?  (Did I mention how much I love this company?)


The Breast Cancer Crusade is supported by a line of pink products designed to recognize and bring attention to the cause while financially supporting these efforts.

Click here to learn more.

This has been a lengthy post, but for good reason.

AVON is such a broad and diverse company that sharing what it represents in a few sentences is virtually impossible!  And, there is more.  Underneath the product lines, health & wellness, Beauty for a Purpose, and the AVON Foundation, lies a solid business opportunity designed to work with and for women regardless of their goals or dreams.

Be it a part-time hobby endeavor or full-time business plan, (or anything in between) AVON offers the tools, training, support, and quality reputation — not to mention a whole “sisterhood” (and a few good brothers) of fellow reps — to build YOUR business to YOUR expectations YOUR way!

Interested in learning more about the AVON Opportunity and becoming a BEAUTY BOSS?  Click here.

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AVON is committed to the ethical, humane treatment of animals!  Click HERE to read it’s ANIMAL WELFARE POLICY.

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