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Bedtime Prayer from an INFJ Mind

Dear Lord

I thank you for this beautiful day.


It really was beautiful today, wasn’t it?

          And that breeze…fabulous coming through the windows.

               But, those WINDOWS – UGH – they need a serious washing!

                    I’m out of ammonia.

                   Sudsy ammonia – Gram always said to use sudsy.

                         Trip to the Dollar Store in the morning.

                                 Might as well grab a jar of spaghetti sauce while I’m there.

                                 And paper towels.

                                 And a bottle of oil – 40W.  (I have a coupon)

                                        Oh GEEZ!  The gas tank is below a quarter!!


(Bring it back, girl, bring it back!  You’re talking to the Lord God Almighty here and He is interested in your everlasting soul, not your shopping list.)



For good health and for keeping us safe.

For safe travels, our little home, and

good food.


The guy who blew through that stop sign, though…

     WHAT.AN. ……!  (Sorry, Lord…)

          Thank you for protecting us!

               Pulling up in front of our house was a little more meaningful today.

                    Lucky, too, for the backup alarm on the truck or I may have hit

                    the fence – Whew!

                          Fence needs repaired and power washed,

                              Need to clean out the flower beds and mow first.

                                   Mower needs a new blade and we need trim line for the

                                   weed whacker.

                                   I hate that weed whacker!

                                          Pond has a leak too.

                                               Ack!  A new liner is SO expensive!

                                                       I hope the neighbors understand the  mess. 

                                                      We’re trying so hard to get caught up from the

                                                      chaos of last year’s repairs and renovations!

                                                               I wonder if I should talk to them

                                                               – explain it all.

                                                                      I would hate for them to think we’re

                                                                     okay with the disarray.

                                                                               I know it’s only June, but I need to

                                                                               talk to M so she can talk to her son

                                                                               to see if he can come and service

                                                                               the snowblower.





                                                                                    And thank you for the beans and

                                                                                    weenies for dinner this evening.

                                                                                           DANG!  Forgot to get the

                                                                                           ground beef out of the freezer

                                                                                           for tomorrow night!


Please be with those in need


Lord, where to start.

          There are so many…


Those in need of your healing touch…


Thinking especially of J and B, V, AN, and sweet baby K.

           If there is a reason for everything, will we ever know, this side

          of heaven, why some suffer so?


Your strength and courage…


Praying for all those who walk in darkness, who are faced with

challenges and tough decisions, who need you to lift them up when

they falter.

     Praying for our leaders – give them wisdom to know what is right and

     the means by which to do what is necessary in this hateful world

     – an almost impossible task in anything but a Utopian society.

             Does ANYONE even know the meaning of the word

             compromise anymore?

                  Among others, I raise up L, S, H and B, A, UJ, and E.

                        I should really stop in and see E – she probably would

                       appreciate the company.

                             I wonder if she needs anything.

                                  I should call before I go to the store – could do

                                  it all in one trip.


Your comfort and peace…


     So many are experiencing grief, Lord.  Others are struggling with

     depression, anxiety, uncertainty and pain.  Please give them rest

     and hope and let them know that they are never alone in their

     sadness and dark places.


Please, too, be with those who need your grace…


She’s trying, God – she really is.  She falls often and many times it

feels like two steps forward and seventeen back, but she is trying.


And also your forgiveness…


ME, Lord, ME!  I am woefully sinful and in need of your forgiveness!



And Lord, please bless my family too.

Please keep us safe and healthy and healing

and happy and living for you.

Bless my sweetheart beside me — keep him strong and healthy

     He is my world, Lord – my rock – my best friend – the very best

     part of my life.

     He’s shown me what it means to love and be loved – unconditionally

     – through good times and bad.

             He’s hogging the covers again.


My girl — please wrap your arms around her and keep her safe.

     Lord, help me to help this child see how much she is loved – how

     beautiful she is and how she was hand-picked by you to be

     hand-picked by us.

     Open her heart to your purpose for her life and her eyes to see the

     mountains of laundry in every corner of the house blessing she is.

          Help her to understand that “night crawlers” are for fishing and

          not for dating. (inside joke, Lord)


My son and his family

     Please watch over them – so far away.

     Keep them safe in this unsettled world

     Let him know how proud we are of his accomplishments and

     how much we love and miss them.

          K sure has her hands full when he’s at sea – give her strength

          for the challenges.

               The babies – they’re growing so fast and we’re missing it.

                    It’s hard…

                         Praying that for his next assignment he’ll be stationed

                         stateside and for a decent amount of time.

                               Time is passing by so quickly now.

                                      I think I’ll get him a watch for Christmas


(Reel it in, girl – you’re almost there – stay awake now.)


And Lord, I am so blessed with all that you have given to me that it doesn’t seem right to ask for a single thing, but I know that we are to be specific in our prayer – and so, here goes…


     First, I thank you for the gift of health, because with it all things

    are possible.


     Second, I thank you for the gift of blood pressure meds, because without

     it bad things are possible.

          Wait, did I take my meds tonight?

          Did he take his meds tonight?

                 I’m back, Lord – yes, we did take them, but I couldn’t remember.

                (hang on, I’m out of breath)

                                           Got the ground beef out while I was down there.


Third, I thank you for the opportunity to pursue my dream of writing

                 I’ve wanted this most all of my life – the opportunity to share

                 the gift you gave to me.

                       Writing is a ministry too.

                              It’s not been easy, however.  SO much to learn and things

                              I didn’t anticipate having to know until further down

                             the road.

                                     Things like URL Attachment errors and Plugin updates

                                     and HTML and Cornerstone Content and Focus Keywords

                                     and Snippets and analytics – TONS of analytics.

                                            I counted tonight.  I have 42 tabs open on

                                            my computer — FORTY-TWO!

                                            I’m using every single one of them.

                                                   And then Yoast SEO got a bug and Google

                                                  changed up its algorithms and my rankings

                                                  were affected – UGH!

                                                          These are NOT small things, Lord, so if you

                                                          might have an “in” with Google, I would be

                                                          eternally grateful for some specific direction

                                                          in response to my very specific prayer.

                                                                   Is it wrong to pray for Google rankings?


  Fourth, I ask you to be with me throughout tomorrow and help me

  to be productive in my work.

         Help me as I go through the day to stay focused and to accomplish

         those things I set down in my agenda.

                 One by one, because I am HORRIBLE at multi-tasking!

                           Yes, I know it is now 4:00 a.m., but please let me actually

                           HEAR the alarm when it goes off this time.

                                   Gram always said, “An hour wasted in the morning

                                   can never be regained in the afternoon.”

                                            Why did I have to be born such a night owl?

                                                     I hate daylight savings time!

                                                           I’m cold!

                                                                  Going to have to yank some of

                                                                  those covers over here or freeze.

                                                                          Did I close the freezer door?

                                                                                   Back again, Lord –

                                                                                   freezer door shut.

                                                                                         He’s sleeping so peacefully

                                                                                        — I hate to disturb him…

                                                                                                  Is he breathing funny?



Fifth, please help me to be mindful of my words and actions.

          Age and life have made my fuse shorter and my filter thin.

                 Sometimes my mouth comes flying open before I can

                 shove a sock in it and I’m sorry.

                        Sometimes.  Not always…

                              But, I can hardly stand the apathy in this world.

                              The inaction – the entitlement.

                              It calls for a response, a voice.

                                    But not mine – all the time.

                                          Help me to know when to use it and when to trust that

                                          you have everything under control even when it

                                          doesn’t appear to be so to my earthly eyes.

                                                  Help me to use my voice for advocacy and my

                                                  words for knowledge, enjoyment and peace.

                                                        I should start to sing again.

                                                        I miss performing.

                                                              I wonder if I’ll ever get my Celtic harp.

                                                                     That chair in the living room will have

                                                                     to go because I will keep it in that spot

                                                                     so I can play all the time

                                                                              I wonder if the trash men will

                                                                              take the chair?

                                                                                     UGH!  Tomorrow’s trash day!!!



Sixth, please help me to listen for your Word and walk in your ways.

            This INFJ mind you gave me likes to complicate things – A LOT!

                   Like knowing what it is that I’m called to do, but worrying far

                   too much about what other people think.

                   Recognizing that I think and process things differently than most

                   – that as an INFJ, I represent only 1% of the population and so I

                     often feel as though I don’t fit in.

                   That I am a perfectionist to the point of obsession and that order,

                   control, and boundaries are necessary in order for me to function.

                   That INFJ’s can read people in an instant, analyze their words and

                   mannerisms, understand what they do and why they do it –

                   sometimes more thoroughly than the other persons themselves.

                           We see right through falsehood and insincerity and

                           loathe hypocrisy, but we are expert at the game and can

                           outplay anyone who chooses to offer up the challenge.

                                          I know that L doesn’t like me.

                                                She thinks that I’m unaware, but I’ve

                                                known for years.

                                                     I could try and make peace.

                                                     But I won’t.

                                                     Because I’m right

                                                     And she’s wrong

                                                     And we’ve been through all of that

                                                     And it’s her loss

                                                     And I think we can only do just so much when

                                                           it comes to making peace.

                                                     (and the INFJ “Door Slam” has already occurred)

                                                     And time’s too short

                                                     And life moves too quickly

                                                     And One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish


     (Sorry, Lord – this is such a quick, abbreviated prayer tonight that I seem to have gotten off track.)


DEFINITELY not a good example of listening and walking!

           Forgive me as I try to do better.

               And, I will try to do better.

                    I am ALWAYS trying to do better

                          I am NEVER satisfied with who I am or

                          what I’ve accomplished.

                                I am always seeking to improve ME – to learn more

                               – to be more – to understand more.

                                      I wonder if that’s the purpose of an INFJ mind – to

                                      be constantly reaching.

                                             It’s tiring, Lord, but exciting and motivating and

                                             empowering all at the same time.

                                                     I have a headache.

                                                            I’m back – two Advil in.

                                                                   He rolled over so I at least have

                                                                   the sheet.



It’s 5:00 a.m. now and I can see the first hint of light just above the trees. 

          Forgive the very short prayer tonight, but I really didn’t have

          too much to say.

                  Text message just came in

                          It’s hard to run business across the time zones.

                          I’ll check it in the morning.

                                   Oh wait!  It IS morning!



Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful morning and for all the blessings in my life!





And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus — Philippians 4:7

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  1. Beautiful prayer. Thank you,Lord for my INFJ. wife.I am blessed beyond belief, despite my stealing the covers.Amen.

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