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The Wren

I haven’t written in a very long while.  Life sometimes gets in the way and often those things that we love have to be relegated to back burners.  Such is my story. But, mine is also a story of getting back up and finding my way back to the things that make me happy and… Read More The Wren

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An April Fool

I’ve never really thought of myself as gullible.  In fact, I’m one who over-analyzes, questions everything, and NEVER shoots from the hip with a knee-jerk reaction.  If something is questionable, I sense it more than know it and that kick starts the whole “think-everything-to-death” process.  That, in turn, means that I am rarely surprised or… Read More An April Fool

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Clean Your Glasses!

Life can be hard!  Sometimes it feels like everywhere we turn we’re met with negativity and challenge and are left wondering if the sun will ever shine again.  It doesn’t help when we are continually bombarded with things that perpetuate anxiety, anger, and a sense of hopelessness.  Even the strongest person will be affected over… Read More Clean Your Glasses!

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Teach them well

I met Peter when I was all of seventeen years old.  I had just graduated from high school and started my first job at our local university.  He worked there too – in tech services, which at the time included managing events involving sound systems, visual presentations, and electronics.  We ran into one another quite… Read More Teach them well

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My (Un)Bucket List

You’ve heard of the proverbial Bucket List – you may even have one of your own.  I think most do or, at the very least, a wish list of sorts with all the wonderful things they would like to accomplish/experience in this lifetime.  I, on the other hand, do not.  Sure, there are many things… Read More My (Un)Bucket List

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My Top 10 Favorite “Spooky” Halloween Movies

  Call me a nerd – a geek – a throwback to weirdness.  Whatever…  I LOVE the old horror flicks and never more so than around Halloween.  Now, the word horror is pure conjecture where the classics are concerned as there is very little to be horrified by.  In fact, hilarity may be a better… Read More My Top 10 Favorite “Spooky” Halloween Movies

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Autumn Senses

    Of all the seasons nature brings, my soul is drawn to one. I feel my senses spring to life as Summer comes undone.     My eyes behold a palette bold of trees in gold and red that burst with joy for one last song on leaves as yet unshed.   Color is… Read More Autumn Senses

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The Labor Day Incident

Its been a year now and I’m ready to tell the story.  It’s rather lengthy, much like these past months, so pull up a stump and I’ll tell you a tale… Labor Day Weekend – nothing grand or exciting in our home.  We sometimes plan a cookout or a backyard bonfire, but mostly its been… Read More The Labor Day Incident

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Bedtime Prayer from an INFJ Mind

Dear Lord I thank you for this beautiful day.   It really was beautiful today, wasn’t it?           And that breeze…fabulous coming through the windows.                But, those WINDOWS – UGH – they need a serious washing!                     I’m out of ammonia.                    Sudsy ammonia – Gram always said to use sudsy.                          Trip to… Read More Bedtime Prayer from an INFJ Mind