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My (Un)Bucket List

You’ve heard of the proverbial Bucket List – you may even have one of your own.  I think most do or, at the very least, a wish list of sorts with all the wonderful things they would like to accomplish/experience in this lifetime.  I, on the other hand, do not.  Sure, there are many things… Read More My (Un)Bucket List

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My Top 10 Favorite “Spooky” Halloween Movies

  Call me a nerd – a geek – a throwback to weirdness.  Whatever…  I LOVE the old horror flicks and never more so than around Halloween.  Now, the word horror is pure conjecture where the classics are concerned as there is very little to be horrified by.  In fact, hilarity may be a better… Read More My Top 10 Favorite “Spooky” Halloween Movies

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Autumn Senses

    Of all the seasons nature brings, my soul is drawn to one. I feel my senses spring to life as Summer comes undone.     My eyes behold a palette bold of trees in gold and red that burst with joy for one last song on leaves as yet unshed.   Color is… Read More Autumn Senses

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The Labor Day Incident

Its been a year now and I’m ready to tell the story.  It’s rather lengthy, much like these past months, so pull up a stump and I’ll tell you a tale… Labor Day Weekend – nothing grand or exciting in our home.  We sometimes plan a cookout or a backyard bonfire, but mostly its been… Read More The Labor Day Incident

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Bedtime Prayer from an INFJ Mind

Dear Lord I thank you for this beautiful day.   It really was beautiful today, wasn’t it?           And that breeze…fabulous coming through the windows.                But, those WINDOWS – UGH – they need a serious washing!                     I’m out of ammonia.                    Sudsy ammonia – Gram always said to use sudsy.                          Trip to… Read More Bedtime Prayer from an INFJ Mind

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Little Golden Books

Raise your hand if you DIDN’T have a childhood that included Little Golden Books! I would guess that very few hands are in the air, as generations of children can count them among their earliest memories. In the early 1940s, the idea to develop a line of children’s books that was colorful, affordable, and readily… Read More Little Golden Books

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day   I walked beside your stone today and tarried there to ponder. Who were you when once you lived upon this earth?  I wonder… A faded flag, a marker carved tells me you stood with honor and to that end your life was lost for ground you now lie under.   Were there… Read More Memorial Day

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The “Rezzie” in Spring…

The “Rezzie” in Spring… This is my back yard!  It is exactly as the title implies — a reservoir, but also a hidden, ecological paradise of which I am fiercely protective. Located about thirty steps from the back edge of my property line, the “Rezzie” (as the locals call it) is roughly a dozen acres… Read More The “Rezzie” in Spring…

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These Things I Love…

Things I Love…                              (in no particular order)   CW Autumn MY Spaghetti Celtic Music Books Wood Smoke Turtles Shaker Gardens Antiques Photography Our Children Apple Pie Genealogy A 1948 Chevy Pickup Shrimp Alfredo Anything Alfredo Amish Quilts  Garden Ponds Lemon Thyme Lagerfeld (on CW) Baby Dolls Friends Celtic Harp Christmas Eve Fishing Hydrangeas Old Photographs… Read More These Things I Love…

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Feed Them… Baskets of Love

Feed Them…  Baskets of Love I’m absolutely CRAZY about this idea! It’s an outreach project with such a huge impact, but so easy to do and with the potential to involve a whole community. It’s hard to believe that in this country, in this time, there are actually people who don’t get regular, healthy meals… Read More Feed Them… Baskets of Love