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Writing a Recipe Post — or not…

So, I was going to write a recipe post this week, but I got to thinking about the process.  And then I got to giggling.  And then I got to the inability to put anything of merit on to paper stage.  And then, well, I just said “FORGET IT” and decided to run with the… Read More Writing a Recipe Post — or not…

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Great Grandma Helsley’s Cherry Pudding

She was known as “Lizzie” and was my paternal great-grandmother.   Born in Rockingham County, Virginia, in the Fall of 1877, she was a farmer’s wife, mother to six, and I’m saddened that I never got to meet her, as I would love to know more of her story than what I’ve been told. For me,… Read More Great Grandma Helsley’s Cherry Pudding

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Aunt Caddy’s Salad Dressing

  She was actually my Great-Aunt – my paternal Grandmother’s sister – born Carrye Lee, 1902,  in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the third of six children and raised on the family farm during her younger years.  At some point in my childhood, she came to live with us and both she and my Grandma shared a little… Read More Aunt Caddy’s Salad Dressing

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Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder   There’s something to be said about a delicious, hearty chowder.  I’m not exactly sure what that would be, but, well, it’s a good first line… I’m partial to chowders myself.  I prefer them to soup as, in my most humble opinion, soups require a side whereas chowders can stand on their own. … Read More Corn Chowder

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Betty Crocker and Me…

Betty Crocker and Me   I have this cookbook – have had it for thirty-eight years.  In fact, I received it as a bridal shower gift because, well, the assumption was that a young bride-to-be would need such a thing.  That assumption would be correct, but only if said bride-to-be INTENDED to learn to cook,… Read More Betty Crocker and Me…

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Bowls Aplenty!

I have a bowl problem!  There, I said it!  Whew — it’s good to get it out! While most people gather things like art, books, or collectibles, I’m attracted to, well… bowls. Yeah, I know.  I can be odd like that.  Oh, it’s not an aggressive seeking – not even conscious and often disguised as… Read More Bowls Aplenty!