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I am a lover of all things “old-fashioned,” vintage, antique — anything that speaks to me from another time — and I like to be surrounded by objects and a setting that makes me feel like the world is a little more basic, a little purer, and much more peaceful.

My home and my gardens, my hobbies and lifestyle are all a reflection of who I am and illustrate my love for a simple, frugal existence surrounded by family and friends and steeped in fun.  It is my pleasure to share those things with you!


I absolutely love to garden!  It’s one of the most rewarding, grounding, therapeutic things I do.  Nothing is more humbling than working in the earth to bring food to our table and beauty to our gardens.  Posts about gardening and our outdoor projects can be found here.

In the Kitchen is where I offer an inside glimpse into my “outstanding” culinary skills. (she says with complete tongue in cheek)  For the record, I am far from what would be considered an expert in the field, but I know enough to keep my loved ones alive and I enjoy preparing good old comfort food and recipes that have been in my family for generations.


I also love the challenge of transforming my little home into a picture-perfect sanctuary — a place that has the look and feel of a country farmhouse, but in a small space and with an even smaller budget.  Finding ways to transform thrift or second hand pieces to perfectly fit our needs, be it furniture, accessories, or even upgrades to our home itself, is not only a necessity at times, but lots of fun too.  Read posts about In the Home here.


In the Outdoors is a category of posts on just that — the outdoors!  I grew up in the country and in the mountains and have spent my entire life learning, experiencing, and loving the amazing gift of nature.  To that end, I also enjoy photography (I’m a work in progress) so the two naturally go hand in hand.  I especially love capturing photos of wild and aquatic life and the changing of seasons.  Outdoor posts can be found here.


Because I am rather obsessed taken with all things old, it goes without saying that my favorite hobby also involves delving into the past.  I have been researching family lines for over twenty-five years now and I can tell you that genealogical research is one of the most amazing adventures, opening doors to the stories from our family lines and the journeys that brought us to the present.  Look for posts on genealogy here.


As I grow, I hope to add more topics to share.  Already planning for In the Craft Room, a place for all of those fun projects and seasonal ideas.   Have special topics that you would like to see?  Comment below and let me know!