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10 Things Never to say to the Parent of a RADish

10 Things Never to say to the Parent of a RADish (and the heartfelt responses we’d like to give…) 1.  “You just let ME have her for a few days.” And do what? First, she won’t “act out” with you and even if she did, just what exactly do you think you would do that… Read More 10 Things Never to say to the Parent of a RADish

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ABC’s of Genealogy Research

  ABC’s of Genealogy Research   A Ahnentafel – provides the ancestry of an individual in written text as opposed to pedigree form and provides personalized details and commentary along with cited sources. Archives – collection of historical documents or the place that houses them. Accuracy – the state of being correct or precise.  (A… Read More ABC’s of Genealogy Research

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Small Space Storage

Small Space Storage I live in a little house.  It’s both a blessing and a curse for someone who loves to accumulate family heirlooms and vintage pieces as much as I do.  A blessing, because the lack of square footage keeps my tendency to “collect things” in check and a curse because I’ve already stepped… Read More Small Space Storage

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These Things I Love…

Things I Love…                              (in no particular order)   CW Autumn MY Spaghetti Celtic Music Books Wood Smoke Turtles Shaker Gardens Antiques Photography Our Children Apple Pie Genealogy A 1948 Chevy Pickup Shrimp Alfredo Anything Alfredo Amish Quilts  Garden Ponds Lemon Thyme Lagerfeld (on CW) Baby Dolls Friends Celtic Harp Christmas Eve Fishing Hydrangeas Old Photographs… Read More These Things I Love…

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Betty Crocker and Me…

Betty Crocker and Me   I have this cookbook – have had it for thirty-eight years.  In fact, I received it as a bridal shower gift because, well, the assumption was that a young bride-to-be would need such a thing.  That assumption would be correct, but only if said bride-to-be INTENDED to learn to cook,… Read More Betty Crocker and Me…

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Feed Them… Baskets of Love

Feed Them…  Baskets of Love I’m absolutely CRAZY about this idea! It’s an outreach project with such a huge impact, but so easy to do and with the potential to involve a whole community. It’s hard to believe that in this country, in this time, there are actually people who don’t get regular, healthy meals… Read More Feed Them… Baskets of Love

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J.D. & Huff — Serving as God’s Hands

Serving as the Hands of God…  J.D. & Huff   His name was David, but I don’t think many people knew that.  He went by “Huff” or “Huffy,” a shortened version of his surname and it better suited him all the way around.  Huff was a character to be sure.  A visible presence in our… Read More J.D. & Huff — Serving as God’s Hands

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Bowls Aplenty!

I have a bowl problem!  There, I said it!  Whew — it’s good to get it out! While most people gather things like art, books, or collectibles, I’m attracted to, well… bowls. Yeah, I know.  I can be odd like that.  Oh, it’s not an aggressive seeking – not even conscious and often disguised as… Read More Bowls Aplenty!

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Let it Be… (My Garden in August)

Let it Be…                         (My Garden in August) Amid my August garden lie remains of glory past — wilting greens, forgotten blooms, thick weeds grown wild and vast. The ordered rows and blossoms fair have journeyed past their prime. I’ve ceased to battle nature’s will,… Read More Let it Be… (My Garden in August)