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My Top 10 Favorite “Spooky” Halloween Movies

  Call me a nerd – a geek – a throwback to weirdness.  Whatever…  I LOVE the old horror flicks and never more so than around Halloween.  Now, the word horror is pure conjecture where the classics are concerned as there is very little to be horrified by.  In fact, hilarity may be a better… Read More My Top 10 Favorite “Spooky” Halloween Movies

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Hate is human too…

      We are flawed and it is pointless to argue otherwise. I find that there is some degree of consolation in knowing that we are all inherently flawed and, in fact, are made that way with all of our broken pieces and sinful ways.  If our hearts are right, we do our best… Read More Hate is human too…

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Autumn Senses

    Of all the seasons nature brings, my soul is drawn to one. I feel my senses spring to life as Summer comes undone.     My eyes behold a palette bold of trees in gold and red that burst with joy for one last song on leaves as yet unshed.   Color is… Read More Autumn Senses

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The Labor Day Incident

Its been a year now and I’m ready to tell the story.  It’s rather lengthy, much like these past months, so pull up a stump and I’ll tell you a tale… Labor Day Weekend – nothing grand or exciting in our home.  We sometimes plan a cookout or a backyard bonfire, but mostly its been… Read More The Labor Day Incident

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The Other Side of Adoption Reunification

As human beings with hopeful souls, we always look for that fairy tale ending involving hugs and laughter and riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after.  It’s an ideal we pray for, but for so many who live in the world of foster care/adoption, a reality that seldom manifests itself. Why does… Read More The Other Side of Adoption Reunification

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To the Dad in Walmart — a RAD story…

It’s been almost a year now since I met you, but our one-time, chance encounter has remained an embedded, powerful memory and I wanted you to know. I only stopped by to grab a few last-minute Christmas items.  The store was (over)crowded with loud music, flashing lights, and people on a mission – some miserable,… Read More To the Dad in Walmart — a RAD story…

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Great Grandma Helsley’s Cherry Pudding

She was known as “Lizzie” and was my paternal great-grandmother.   Born in Rockingham County, Virginia, in the Fall of 1877, she was a farmer’s wife, mother to six, and I’m saddened that I never got to meet her, as I would love to know more of her story than what I’ve been told. For me,… Read More Great Grandma Helsley’s Cherry Pudding

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Bedtime Prayer from an INFJ Mind

Dear Lord I thank you for this beautiful day.   It really was beautiful today, wasn’t it?           And that breeze…fabulous coming through the windows.                But, those WINDOWS – UGH – they need a serious washing!                     I’m out of ammonia.                    Sudsy ammonia – Gram always said to use sudsy.                          Trip to… Read More Bedtime Prayer from an INFJ Mind

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Aunt Caddy’s Salad Dressing

  She was actually my Great-Aunt – my paternal Grandmother’s sister – born Carrye Lee, 1902,  in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the third of six children and raised on the family farm during her younger years.  At some point in my childhood, she came to live with us and both she and my Grandma shared a little… Read More Aunt Caddy’s Salad Dressing

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Little Golden Books

Raise your hand if you DIDN’T have a childhood that included Little Golden Books! I would guess that very few hands are in the air, as generations of children can count them among their earliest memories. In the early 1940s, the idea to develop a line of children’s books that was colorful, affordable, and readily… Read More Little Golden Books