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Great Grandma Helsley’s Cherry Pudding

She was known as “Lizzie” and was my paternal great-grandmother.   Born in Rockingham County, Virginia, in the Fall of 1877, she was a farmer’s wife, mother to six, and I’m saddened that I never got to meet her, as I would love to know more of her story than what I’ve been told. For me,… Read More Great Grandma Helsley’s Cherry Pudding

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Bedtime Prayer from an INFJ Mind

Dear Lord I thank you for this beautiful day.   It really was beautiful today, wasn’t it?           And that breeze…fabulous coming through the windows.                But, those WINDOWS – UGH – they need a serious washing!                     I’m out of ammonia.                    Sudsy ammonia – Gram always said to use sudsy.                          Trip to… Read More Bedtime Prayer from an INFJ Mind

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Aunt Caddy’s Salad Dressing

  She was actually my Great-Aunt – my paternal Grandmother’s sister – born Carrye Lee, 1902,  in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the third of six children and raised on the family farm during her younger years.  At some point in my childhood, she came to live with us and both she and my Grandma shared a little… Read More Aunt Caddy’s Salad Dressing

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Little Golden Books

Raise your hand if you DIDN’T have a childhood that included Little Golden Books! I would guess that very few hands are in the air, as generations of children can count them among their earliest memories. In the early 1940s, the idea to develop a line of children’s books that was colorful, affordable, and readily… Read More Little Golden Books

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day   I walked beside your stone today and tarried there to ponder. Who were you when once you lived upon this earth?  I wonder… A faded flag, a marker carved tells me you stood with honor and to that end your life was lost for ground you now lie under.   Were there… Read More Memorial Day

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Get your Bug Guard on!

AVON Bug Guard Plus Sometimes a product comes along that just simply needs to be promoted over and above — something that is true quality — something that does exactly what it claims to do and more.  Bug Guard is the perfect example! Some years ago it became apparent that the AVON Skin-so-Soft Original bath… Read More Get your Bug Guard on!

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The “Rezzie” in Spring…

The “Rezzie” in Spring… This is my back yard!  It is exactly as the title implies — a reservoir, but also a hidden, ecological paradise of which I am fiercely protective. Located about thirty steps from the back edge of my property line, the “Rezzie” (as the locals call it) is roughly a dozen acres… Read More The “Rezzie” in Spring…

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Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder   There’s something to be said about a delicious, hearty chowder.  I’m not exactly sure what that would be, but, well, it’s a good first line… I’m partial to chowders myself.  I prefer them to soup as, in my most humble opinion, soups require a side whereas chowders can stand on their own. … Read More Corn Chowder

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Story of a Radish…

Story of a Radish… Born of a single seed, the very first act of development upon bursting to life is to set down a root. This root establishes itself firmly into the ground and becomes the absolute lifeline by which the unborn radish begins its journey to maturity.  Everything it is, everything it receives, everything… Read More Story of a Radish…

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10 Things Never to say to the Parent of a RADish

10 Things Never to say to the Parent of a RADish (and the heartfelt responses we’d like to give…) 1.  “You just let ME have her for a few days.” And do what? First, she won’t “act out” with you and even if she did, just what exactly do you think you would do that… Read More 10 Things Never to say to the Parent of a RADish